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Slow Pitch Jig Long 300gr. Gold 3-pack

Slow Pitch Jig Long 300gr. Gold 3-pack

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Unleash the Potential of Your Slow Pitch Arsenal

This meticulously crafted Long Jig is designed to conquer depths and overpower currents. It's a versatile weapon for various conditions, making it a must-have for serious slow pitch anglers.

Key Features:

  • Built to dominate: Ideal for deep water (up to 800ft) and strong currents.
  • Deadly on all levels: Effective from surface to seafloor, enticing even the most cautious predators.
  • Extreme versatility: Performs flawlessly in slow and high pitch applications.
  • Effortless action: Impressive sliding motion for easy fishing.
  • Proven producer: A "tuna murderer" beloved by experienced slow pitch jiggers.


  • Style: Long
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Length: 8.5 inches
  • Color: Gold Acid Glow
  • Hook Size/Color: 7/0 Glow/Tinsel
  • Split Rings: Stainless Steel (88 lb / 5.5mm)
  • Welded Ring: Stainless Steel (110 lb / 4.0mm)
  • Technique: Slow Pitch Jigging
  • Targets: Mutton Snapper, Red Snapper, Queen Snapper, Groupers (Red, Black, Gag, Snowy), Tilefish (Gray & Golden), Tuna (Blackfin & Yellowfin), African Pompano, Amberjack

Pro Tip: Pair this jig with our Florida Sport Fishing Technique-Specific Slow Pitch Rods for maximum results.

Elevate your slow pitch game and experience the thrill of bent rods and screaming drags. Add the Long Jig to your cart today!

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