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FSF Slow Pitch Jig Combo Multi Burst 6-Pack

FSF Slow Pitch Jig Combo Multi Burst 6-Pack

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Unleash Slow Pitch Jigging Domination: Pre-Rigged Selection for Every Depth

Ready to conquer any depth and current? This meticulously chosen slow pitch jig combo pack equips you for ultimate versatility. We've incorporated insights from extensive real-world testing to bring you a selection of proven styles, sizes, and color patterns guaranteed to catch fish.

Premium Performance, Ready to Fish:

  • Pre-rigged with top-of-the-line components for immediate use.
  • Razor-sharp 4/0 & 7/0 assist hooks ensure reliable hooksets.

Targeted Versatility (6-pack):

  • 2 Long Jigs (200g & 300g): Ideal for deep water exploration and enticing lethargic predators. (Consider adding specific colors if strategically chosen for deeper water, like glows or blues)
  • 2 Stubby Jigs (150g & 250g): Conquer strong currents with these jigs, perfect for presentations requiring a fast, erratic retrieve. (Consider adding specific colors if strategically chosen for high visibility in currents, like whites or high-contrast patterns)
  • 2 Fat Boy Jigs (180g & 250g): Their broad profile creates an irresistible wobble, perfect for enticing mid-water predators. (Consider adding specific colors if strategically chosen for mid-water depths, like natural baitfish patterns)

Unmatched Appeal:

This curated selection effectively targets a broad spectrum of fish, from near-surface dwellers to bottom feeders. Eliminate the guesswork and frustration of tackle selection – this combo pack has you covered, straight out of the box.

Stop wasting time tinkering with tackle. Grab your pre-rigged slow pitch jig combo pack today and experience slow pitch jigging dominance!



Weight: (1) 150 gram (1) 180 gram (2) 200 gram (1) 250 gram (1) 300 gram 

Length: 5.0 in. – 8.5 in.

Color: Multi Burst  

Hook Size/Color: 4/0 & 7/0 Glow/Tinsel

Split Rings: Stainless steel 88 lb. / 5.5mm

Welded Ring: Stainless steel 110 lb. / 4.0mm

Technique: Slow Pitch Jigging

Species: Mutton, Red & Queen Snapper; Red, Black, Gag & Snowy Grouper; Gray & Golden Tilefish; Blackfin & Yellowfin Tuna; African Pompano; Amberjack 

ADDITIONAL INFO: For maximum results, pair with Florida Sport Fishing Technique-Specific slow pitch rods. 

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