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FSF Slow Pitch Jig Original Combo 6-Pack

FSF Slow Pitch Jig Original Combo 6-Pack

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Fish Now, Dominate Later: Pre-Rigged Slow Pitch Jig Combo

Ready to dominate the deep? This meticulously curated slow pitch jig combo pack is your one-stop shop for success. Born from extensive real-world testing, each jig boasts the perfect style, size, and pattern to maximize your catch.

Fish Now, Dominate Later:

  • Pre-rigged with premium components for immediate fishing. Razor-sharp 4/0 & 7/0 assist hooks for guaranteed hooksets.

Targeted Versatility (6-pack):

  • Deep Water Demons (2 Long Jigs - 200g & 300g): Explore the depths and entice sluggish predators with these heavy hitters.
  • Current Conquerors (2 Stubby Jigs - 150g & 250g): Built for battling strong currents, their design excels with fast, erratic retrieves.
  • Mid-Water Mayhem (2 Fat Boy Jigs - 180g & 250g): The wide profile creates an irresistible wobble, perfect for triggering bites at mid-water depths.

Unmatched Appeal:

This comprehensive selection effectively targets a wide range of fish, from surface dwellers to bottom feeders. Stop wasting time tinkering with tackle – this combo pack has you covered, straight out of the box.

Upgrade your slow pitch jigging arsenal today and experience the thrill of the catch!


Style: Long, Stubby and Fat 

Weight: (1) 150 gram (1) 180 gram (2) 200 gram (1) 250 gram (1) 300 gram 

Length: 5.0 in. – 8.5 in.

Color: Acid/Glow  

Hook Size/Color: 4/0 & 7/0 Glow/Tinsel

Split Rings: Stainless steel 88 lb. / 5.5mm

Welded Ring: Stainless steel 110 lb. / 4.0mm

Technique: Slow Pitch Jigging

Species: Mutton, Red & Queen Snapper; Red, Black, Gag & Snowy Grouper; Gray & Golden Tilefish; Blackfin & Yellowfin Tuna; African Pompano; Amberjack 

ADDITIONAL INFO: For maximum results, pair with Florida Sport Fishing Technique-Specific slow pitch rods. 

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