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FSF Multi Function Stainless Steel Split Ring/Fishing Pliers

FSF Multi Function Stainless Steel Split Ring/Fishing Pliers

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Anglers need pliers and jig fishing enthusiasts must have split ring pliers, it’s a vital tool we simply can’t live without. So we put together an exceptional offer for all fishermen in both value and durability. From personal experience, Captain Mike swears that Florida Sport Fishing’s Technique-Specific Multi Function Stainless Steel Split Ring/Fishing Pliers could very well be the best value on the web. Numerous features include a Teflon coated corrosion resistant exterior and comfortable non-slip contoured grips. It's super sharp replaceable cutters effortlessly snip mono and braid.

Also these pliers include a crimping feature, knot cinching hole and come complete with lanyard and sheath with belt loop. Because these certainly aren’t the fanciest or most expensive fishing pliers available, we put them to the test. I have personally used a single pair of these very pliers to rig nearly 2,000 slow pitch jigs with top and bottom assist hooks (that’s a lot of split rings!). The result, they perform just as a good today as they did the day I got them. Dollar for dollar, you won’t find a better value!


Material: 430 Forged Stainless Steel Teflon coated

Length: 7.3”

Width: 3.0"

Weight: 148 Grams

Non-Slip TPE Ergonomic Contoured Handle: Blue

Double Barrel Crimp Sleeve

Knot Cinching Hole

Nylon Weather Resistant Sheath & Lanyard

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